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"BLUE" has a beautiful knack for being out of place.
Kzo Ishibashi is a fantastic mandolinist-composer from Japan. "BLUE" is his 2nd full album which includes collaboration tracks with Robin's Egg Blue, it comes in a high quality jewel case with a 8-page booklet.

1. Cappuccino
2. Sango no Miageta Sora
3. Hidamari
4. Fukurou no Namida
5. Aries
6. Eleven O'clock Tea
7. Streaming Light
8. Paris In The Rain
9. Iris (Goo Goo Dolls)
10. Tojita Hitomi
11. Amaikage (Ego Wrappin')
12. The Golden Sky (w/ Atsumi Ishibashi)
13. Heaven (w/ Atsumi Ishibashi)
14. Big Fish (w/ Atsumi Ishibashi)
15. Tonda (w/Masashi Ishiura)


Release Date: 2014